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An easy way to pay.
Cruise with the Birds!

Flexible payment options to secure your ticket on the Philadelphia Eagles Fan Cruise.

Book ahead. Zero down. 0% interest. 12 easy monthly payments.

How it works:


Apply for Affirm when you book your trip on

Enter your phone number. Set up your account. Enter your pin to get a decision in seconds.


Upon approval, agree to terms and conditions

Sign your Truth in Lending Disclosure and confirm your monthly payment schedule including payment amount and dates.


Affirm will provide a virtual credit card number and redirect back to your reservation at

Just like that, you’re confirmed! All you have to do is make 12 easy monthly payments to Affirm.



Cruise with the Birds, March 2022!

Simple finance options for the best fans in football. Book your Eagles Fan Cruise today with Affirm.


Booking made easy.

Get approved in minutes.

No hidden fees. No late fees. No problem.

Easy to pay installments so you can set sail with the Eagles in March 2022!

* Declined customers can contact FCC for further assistance.

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